High Street Social

We are High Street Social, Treorchy – the key part of our name is ‘Social’. We are a place to come with your family and friends to meet, relax and enjoy great food, awesome coffee, camaraderie and a new vibe. We are part of a vibrant new south Wales!

Our culinary guru, Scott Davies, helped devise our menu and we’ve received a number of  complimentary reviews for the quality and variety of our food..

We also serve a range of  drinks to accompany your meal, from coffee to larger, and beer to wine. We’re always restocking our cellar (and it’s a big one) with the things you love. How about a quality red from our friends at Chard Farm in Central Otago, New Zealand, near the famous Kawarau River bungy bridge?

Proud of being Welsh, and beer, lager and cider are your thing, look out for some of Wales’s finest……from the Fforch Farm and local boy Andrew Gronow’s Gwynt y Ddraig cider to one of our favourites, Rockhopper from Bluestone Brewery, Pembrokeshire, made with from spring water from the mythical Preseli Mountains.

We also stock local  Cwm Rhondda ales including the refreshing, fruity ale, ‘Boyo’ and the smooth, dark ale, ‘Shwmae But’

If  you’re not eating and don’t want anything alcoholic, you’ll be guaranteed a great coffee at your High Street Social. Our single origin coffee beans are hand selected by our pal and coffee guru Josh from Aberdare, and his team at Clifton Coffee Roasters. It’s heaven in a cup!

Coffee 01


Come and join us at your High Street Social!